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13. 9. 2022: 4. National Day of informal carers

The interest group of caring relatives is committed to gain support for parent carers of chronically ill and disabled children – a group that is often being forgotten or left behind.

Background: 4 years ago a first meeting took place with the initiator of the self-help group "en-abled", Claudia Sengeis and her fellow campaigners. They passionately depicted the situation of parent carers and how they are very often being left behind. They are the ones who care for their children throughout their lives, with caring responsibilities reaching into their children's adulthood. They also accompany their children in all legal and bureaucratic matters, which can be very complex at times. Their main endeavour is to enable their children to lead a good life, and in security. Many families with disabled or chronically ill children are strongly affected by existential crisis, requiring persistence and stamina.

Therefore, the Austrian national interest group of informal carers has included the following demand in its catalogue and is publicly engaged in lobbying for its implementation:

8. Legal certainty for parents of children with chronic illness/disability
Children with chronic illness or disability need measures that ensure they can continue to live independently and securely after the death of their parents who care for them, even when these children are adults.
Hence, public forms of accommodation and employment must be made available.

We accompany parent carers, who are often forgotten, on their way and dedicate this 4th national day of informal carers to them in order to give them a voice.